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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Some CISCO Ebooks

Cisco Routing first step

Cisco routing first step,is about routing. Learn routing basics simply and easily * Explore how network traffic gets from here to there * Understand routing tools and technologies.Routing is the technology that enables worldwide Internet communication.

IP V6 Networks

IPv6 Networks is an essential guide to IPv6 concepts, service implementation, and interoperability in existing IPv4 will learn how to plan, design, deploy, and manage IPv6 services.It covers the IPv6 concepts related to IP services provided in real networks. Relevant features and corresponding configuration examples are presented in a deployment context as they are applied to the various segments of the network.

Cisco : A beginners guide
Cisco products and technologies, Cisco: A Beginner's Guide, provides you with a practical hands-on resource for successfully designing and managing a Cisco network.Learn to work with Cisco routers and switches, wireless technologies, and storage tools. You'll also get full details on network security, including firewalls, as well as communications solutions such as VoIP.

Cisco Guide


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