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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mystery Bulb Lights Up While Hanging in Space

What? Lightbulbs don't need to be screwed in any more? This picture of a mysteriously levitating lightbulb is said to be an unaltered photo of an art piece to be demonstrated at an exhibition in Barcelona later this week. A new version of an earlier prototype, the scant info released thus far tells us it's an electromagnetically levitated lightbulb, and that it's wirelessly powered.

What else do we know about this seemingly supernatural feat?

It's been improved over its predecessor from a couple of years ago, and its creator says it has much higher efficiency, letting the lightbulb glow brighter and use less electricity at the same time. Using those weird magnets, it's able to hang there in space, 2.5 inches above its base. Apparently, there are electromagnets inside the bulb that repel those magnets on the ceiling and floor of this installation.


Anonymous said...

Iam studying electricity but really starting to get worried because If bulbs now do not need to be fixed in the lamp holders and wiring no longer necessary then I do not know why electrical installation students still go to class to study wiring.Iam a man full of Ideas and thought about it recently jokingly but it seems whatever I think for example going to your bedroom with an ear piece and not needing to run and look for your ringing phone in the sitting room which I believe is not far from being achieved if not yet done.

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