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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alt Tab Replacement for Windows XP

Advanced users usually switch between open windows using the keyboard shortcut ALT + TAB which is fast but has the disadvantage that only an icon is displayed which makes it impossible to distinguish between windows of the same type. Microsoft created a fre program called

Alt Tab Replacement

which is part of the Microsoft Powertoys which displays additional information about all tabs that are open. The image displays the way the Alt Tab Replacement handles this process. A small window pops up whenever you press ALT + TAB that displays the information that are shown in the image.

A preview image of the current active tab will be displayed if it has not been minimized in the taskbar. Switching through the open windows displays a screenshot of the current window that would be opened.If the window has been minimized only the information in the taskbar are displayed. Programs that reside in the system tray are not shown at all. But those are not shown as well with the original way of handling things



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